Into Plane Fuelling Services

We provide Into plane fuelling services and the services are carried out taking into account all the quality control aspects of fuel and airport as per guidelines issued by the Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), a regulatory body for civil aviation in India. This organization also complies with international service standards such as Joint Inspection Group (JIG), a group formed on behalf of all international airlines all over the world. The brand stands on the pillars of “Quality Control”, “Safety” and “Customer Service” and the success of the company emanates from relentless pursuit of excellence in aviation operations.

Management Of Aviation Fuelling Stations

We have a DGCA approved quality management system in place and our well-trained teams are positioned across the country who work extremely hard to meet the expectation of the customers and the endeavor is to deliver a high level of service each day. We are competent to handle AFS independently and with full responsibility, and presently we are assisting BPCL & HPCL in the running and the upkeep of their AFS independently.

Business Support Services

We provide business support services for aviation fuel farm management, ITP operations and other retail operation services. We have been providing trained manpower to other petroleum companies in India for their regular AFS operations.