Bharat Stars Services Private Limited (BSSPL) is a Joint Venture Company between Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL), India and ST Airport Services Pte. Ltd (STARS), Singapore.

The Company was incorporated in the year 2007 and commenced its ITP operations at Bangalore International Airport in May 2008. BSSPL has now increased its footprints in different airports across India that includes major airports like Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai.

The business objective of Bharat Stars Services Private Limited is to provide World Class Into Plane Services (ITP), Fuel Farm Management Services and Aviation Solutions to the customers.

Our success in the Aviation fuelling space emanates from relentless pursuit of excellence. The Bharat Stars brand has been built around the pillars of Quality Control, Safety and Customer Service. BSSPL has been fueling the leading domestic and international airlines for past decade and have been conscious of the exacting standards that are expected from its esteemed customers. Timely refueling and hassle-free transactions are two of the key expectations of customers. BSSPL has well-trained teams positioned all over the country who works extremely hard to deliver high levels of service every day to every customer.

BSSPL provides Business Support Services to various petroleum companies in India.

The organisation has been training and employing skilled and disciplined personnel to undertake the ITP Services. The company has a clear vision and every employee is aligned to the vision through their respective roles and responsibilities. BSSPL is now working towards to be the single stop service provider for all aviation fuel related needs, such as: Solution for various Aviation Fuel related services, Safety Training to External Agencies and Supply of Aviation Lubricants

We Provide means to achieve our vision by

Company Background

BSSPL is a joint-venture company of Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL) in business alliance with ST-Airport Services PTE Ltd., acronym as STARS (a member of Singapore Airport Consortium) with equal participation. BPCL and STARS are reputed specialists in entire logistics and service chain of petroleum products, including of ITP services. ST Airport Services and BPCL have many years of experience and outstanding track record.

Bharat Stars Services Private Limited (BSSPL) was incorporated on 13th September, 2007. The Company commenced operations at Bangalore on May 2008 and subsequently won rights to “In-to Plane Services” at open access airports at Delhi Airport in 2010 (viz. its subsidiary company Bharat Stars Services Delhi Private Limited) and at Mumbai Airport in Feb 2015. BSSPL also provides Business Support Services’’ related to Fuel operations to Fuel suppliers across other Airports in India.

BSSPL has been providing world class ITP services at Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore airports. The service quality standards and equipment of international bench mark. BSSPL has achieved 100 % “Safe” & “On-Time” performance.

The service standards of ITP are the best in the Industry. Over the years, BSSPL has created a brand image of reliability, dependability, strength and loyalty to its customers. BHARAT STARS Services Pvt. Ltd has inherited the legacy from its promoters Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd. and ST Airport Services Pte. Ltd. BSSPL and its promoters have a proven track record of high standards, strong credentials and providing high quality of work to ensure success of the ITP operations at the Airport and helping to achieve and create a strong international brand name

Affiliates and Subsidiaries

BHARAT STARS SERVICES DELHI PRIVATE LIMITED (BSSDPL) - BSSPL has a 100% subsidiary company i.e Bharat Stars Services (Delhi) Private Limited (BSSDPL) which is providing “into-plane services” at Delhi T-3 International Airport. BSSDPL was incorporated in 2010 having its registered office at New Delhi.

BHARAT PETROLEUM CORPORATION LIMITED (BPCL) – BPCL is promoter company of BSSPL with 50 % equity. It is one of the few Maharatna PSU in India oil and gas space. It ranks high on Fortune 500 & Forbes 2000 listing and is often referred to as an “MNC in PSU garb”. BPCL owns over 200 fuellers and dispensers across India.  Currently it is spread out at 35 airports across the length and breadth of country and working in pursuit of expanding network in future (ATF Sales in 17-18: 1790 TMT & ATF Sales in 16-17: 1582 TMT).

It has also leveraged technological advancements from time to time to provide a cutting edge to services with XML invoicing and developing Mobile App and web-based system for customers.

ST-AIRPORT SERVICES PTE LIMITED (STARS) – STARS is promoter company of BSSPL with 50 % equity. STARS is recognised as an aviation services industry leader in Singapore.


STARS, a wholly owned subsidiary of ST-Logistics Pte Ltd (STL), provides a complete suite of aviation fuel related services ranging from supply chain management of aviation fuel (which includes stock management and transportation), airport fuel storage facility management to into-plane (ITP) refuelling. 

To complement our range of services, we also offer aviation fuel system technical services, training and audit services. Headquartered in Singapore, STARS is committed to being the best service provider in aviation fuel logistics, value adding to our customers, business and operational performance.

STARS has fine credentials and well-established practices in terms of: ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management system, ISO 14001:2014 Environmental Management system, ISO 22301:2012 Business Continuity Management System, ISO 28001 Security Management system & OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health and Safety Management System”

STARS immediate parent company, ST Logistics Pte Ltd is a leading supply chain partner to the Singapore government. It is registered in Singapore and its immediate and ultimate holding companies are Toll (Asia) Pte Ltd and Japan Post Holdings Co. Ltd respectively. Toll (Asia) Pte Ltd is held by Toll Holdings Ltd which is incorporated in Australia and Japan Post Holdings is incorporated in Japan.