Bharat Stars Services
BHARAT STARS SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITEDAn efficient and reliable Into Plane Service Provider
BSSPL - Milestones
Incorporation of the JV Company 13th September 07
Recruitment started & training commenced December - 08
Dispenser placement at site March - 08
Team BSSPL ready for trial runs April - 08
1st Test Flight at BIAL 17th April - 08
Commercial Operations 24th May - 08
Notation of the Agreement 13th June - 08
Taking over of new ITP Office October - 08
Inauguration Date 3rd November - 08

Customer Comments :

VP SHELL AVIATION : Mr Sjoerd Post; "You Run A very Professional Organisation"    ||     IFQP Auditor : Well Trained new Team of BSSPL carrying out excellent single man fuelling operations    ||     KF QC Auditor : Well maintained Into Plane Facility & Equipment and Documentation maintained to required standards.    ||     JET Safety Audit : Following the required procedure of fuelling operations. Found open to suggestions.